Home & Garden Tips

In order to maintain the beauty of both the home and garden for the resident, or for the next owner, people should regularly check some crucial areas where the most problems can occur. This way, they can avoid future problems and preserve the value of the home. Below are some tips to keep on top of the most important jobs around the home and garden.

banner-homeMain circuits, fuses, fuse boxes, and electric appliances need to be checked regularly. This means that they need to be tested by professionals, or by the owner, to ensure they are safe to use. It is also advisable that owners install long life, low energy consumption bulbs in lights in order to save money and time on maintenance. Outside lights should be set to automatically turn on and off, and flood lights should be tested every three months.

Gas and water should be checked and turned off whenever the family is spending time away from home. This will help to avoid accidents. Problems with plumbing during a cold Christmas holiday can cost thousands in repair and renovation costs. Gas can be dangerous, too, therefore, professionals should check the heating system every six to twelve months.

Painting rails, wooden surfaces, windows, and doors every few years will keep the house in perfect condition, and help owners avoid problems with chips. A protective layer of paint can also help prevent damage to wood surfaces. Laminate or wood floors should be polished and resurfaced every 10-15 years, in order to maintain the shine and protect the surface. Similarly, wooden surfaces and furniture need to be treated with professional polishing products every six months.

beautiful-house-garden-headerOutdoor living space needs to look great and organized. Painting fences every 2-3 years is recommended, depending on the weather condition. Wooden garden furniture needs to be covered if left out for the winter, to prevent damage, splitting, and the loss of varnish. Plants should be moved inside for the winter, and weeding needs to be completed in the spring and in the autumn in order to maintain the organized look of the garden.

Apart from these important maintenance tasks, homeowners should pay attention to the wall’s insulation to spot any potential problems. Having a gust running through the house is something not to be taken lightly. It can increase heating bills by up to 20% a year, and reduce the overall energy efficiency of the home. The correct fitting and insulation of the windows is also important, as this will reduce the amount of heat escaping from the home during the winter months.